What color is your hair? 

I usually don’t dye my hair, last year after getting married I decided to go lighter and went with a balayage and the hairdresser gave me a level 6 medium brown color. This last month, I couldn’t stand my roots anymore (plus it’s been a whole year since I last dyed it) and just bought a plain ole box of Revlon ‘dark brown’ hair dye and did it at home. Going darker is always easier when done at home & way cheaper too!

How do you curl your hair?

I like my curls to look a little ‘undone’, it’s a happy medium between Curly Sue and beachy waves. When I feel like doing my hair, I’ll do a full blowout with my Revlon dryer to straighten out any kinks. Then I use my Conair curler and curl away from the face. I’ll sometime alternate between the Conair and the T3 curler, the T3 gives me more shinier curls b/c of its Tourmaline plates.

I use this heat protectant to prevent breakage & then finish the ends off with some oil.

What foundation (makeup) do you wear?

I currently swear by this  foundation in ‘Warm Beige’. Before this, I was using Nars and found out that the formula isn’t quite the same as when I first bought it back in 2011. My skin is very finicky and it tans incredibly fast (I have super sensitive skin that tans within an 1 hour of me being in the sun), so this has been able to accommodate all that & more! P.S. I wore this while shopping w/my mom & sister last weekend and while in Nordstrom, this sales lady came up to me & ask me what highlighter I was using because I was glowing..I told her nope it wasn’t a highlighter, it was the foundation:)

I also swear by this beauty blender & this setting spray, it makes my foundation look less cakey.

My go-to for clear skin is this tool and this face wash.

I also drink tons of water, at least 10-11 16 oz bottles a day ( I like glass bottles to keep that metallic taste away) and take this vitamin daily to keep my hair+nails growing strong.

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What mascara do you wear?

I’ve worn this mascara for over 2 years and will probably never stray from it. I always be sure to curl my lashes and use this serum nightly to keep them growing strong + long!