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I posted a picture to my Instagram and Facebook this afternoon of my couponing trip out to Target and I got a question from one of my college friend ( shout out to my friend Shanna! 😀 ) about doing a post on my couponing adventure. So I thought…Hey! that’s a great idea and if I can help out my friends on saving money I’m all for it! :)

The Ho’s at Home

Just a quick note for those who are new to couponing:

1) Buy yourself the Sunday newspapers, it’s essential and most of these deals I usually do involves one or two coupons from the Sunday paper. You can either choose to go to the store every week and pick it up OR just go ahead and subscribe yourself to the Star-Telegram so they can deliver a paper to your front door every Sunday. I think a yearly subscription is around $167.00 BUT trust me it’s worth it once you start your couponing. The other route (which is what I did) is scope out Groupon for the Star-Telegram deals. They usually run these from time to time but you have to check Groupon everyday to see if the deal is going on. Here’s the link to a previous deal that was on Groupon but now has expired. What I did was got one for myself and for my Mom and Dad, so that adds up to  two Sunday papers every week! So if you have a lot of family members that is willing to let you ‘borrow’ their address, go for it! The other way (free way) is to go scope out colleges (particularly the Journalism department). Two years ago when I was going to UTA, I would see these newpapers laying around by the front door of our Journalism department. Sooo, every Sunday morning I would drive up to the Journalism department and take a couple of newpapers…haha hey it was free! and I paid tuition to that darn school so I felt entitled to it;). I think you may need your student ID to swipe yourself into that department but  it’s worth looking.  Last but not least, public libraries also has a lot of Sunday newspapers laying around, all you have to do is ask them.

2. Invest in a printer! One that won’t run out of ink fast because you will need it to print a whole lotta coupons. I suggest a laser printer because the ink cartridges last longer.

3. Download these apps to your iphone or smartphones: Cartwheel, Ibotta, Checkout 51. You will need them to get the coupons and get cash back on your trip.

4. Patience and timing is key. Go to these grocery store around noon on the weekdays! Particularly around your lunch break because not a lot of people shop during these times.

Ok, so let’s tackle this deal of the week which is available at Target and Krogers…


Transaction #1:

IMG_3335 (1)

Transaction #2:

IMG_3360 (1)

Buy @ Target: -2 Glad Force Flex Trash Bags 45 count: $10.99

-2 Tide Pods 16 count: $4.99

-2 Windex Glass Cleaner 26 oz: $3.19

-2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner 22 oz: $3.19

-4 Dove Go Fresh Body Wash 22 oz: $5.49

Use these coupons:

-Text the world CLEAN to 827438 to obtain a $10.00 off Select Household Purchase. This is a Target mobile coupon.

-Print 3 of these coupons: $1.50/1Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge or Shout (you have to go through and play the entire game and “share” it to your Facebook to get the $1.50 off)

-Print 2 of these coupons: $1.00/1Glad ForceFlex or OdorShield Trash Bags

-Find your Sunday newspapers and find the Red Plum Insert for the week of Feb.15th. Use 1 coupon that is $2.50 off two Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Downy Unstopables

-Find your Sunday newspapers and find the Red Plum Insert for the week of March 1st. Use 2 coupon that is $3.00 off two Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Products

– Go to your Cartwheel app and search “Glad Trashbags” for a 10% off. Show the cashier this coupon on your phone.

Final total:

Purchase 4 Dove Body Wash and you will receive $5 Target giftcard. Use this giftcard to apply it back to your transaction.

Submit for $5 cashback on the Windex and Srubbing Bubbles on Checkout 51. You will need to upload your receipts. So for the first transaction I submitted $2 cashback, bringing my subtotal of $20 to $18 and for the 2nd transction I submitted another $2 cashback, brining my subtotal of $36 to $34. Which made my out of pocket cost $48!

On to Krogers:

You get free floss! You get some free floss! Everyone gets free floss!!

Buy @ Krogers: 5 Listerine Floss $1.99 (If you have 5, you will save $5.00 instantly this week)

Print 2 $1.00/1Listerine Floss or Flosser Product (

 Print 3 $1.00/1Listerine Floss or Flosser Product (

You will probably need more than one computer for these coupons. I used three computers.

Final: FREE! I even got a nickel back because there was overage! The cashier lady was shocked on how I did this:)

Annnndd that wraps up this deal of the week!! Since I posted this so late, you basically only have two more days before the sale ends this week. Sunday always starts a beginning to a new sale btw.

Let me know if you guys like this and I’ll post a couponing trip deal on here every week! I think it is really fun to do this …plus you get to shop! What girl doesn’t like that;)

The Ho’s at Home

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