Valentine’s Day Adventure

Hey yall!

It’s been a crazy week here at the Ho’s House, with all of the Chinese New Year festivities, President’s Day this past Monday and a whole lotta crazy good news that happened this past week. Our household got turned upside this past week, so I apologize for posting this so late in the week but here we go…!!

Disclaimer: There’s going to be a lot of Mozy’s pictures in this blog. :)

Two weekends ago when the weather was super nice and warm we decided to go for a walk. We took all three dogs and walked the trail at Bear Creek. I think this was the first time we got the chance to get out this entire winter so it was nice. As we were walking back, Mozy got super tired and just decided to plop down in the middle of the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure we walked more than a mile and she probably wasn’t use to that.

The Ho’s at Home

1“I give up mommy, just hold me!” IMG_3207 “I’m just gonna lay right here till I get picked up” 2 “No pictures please”   This Valentine’s Day weekend, Peter and I agreed that we wanted it low key. So Saturday morning, Peter cooked me a nice and hearty breakfast in bed. While I was still asleep he woke up extra early and went to Krogers (with all the other husbands and boyfriends )and brought me flowers and all the fixings for breakfast. It was so sweet because he even got me chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) and whole box of chocolates (which he say he didn’t eat) haha! IMG_3256

6     “Hands off my rose!” IMG_3246   “Don’t make me cry…I get a rose?! ” After breakfast, we went to the temple and then took Peter’s mom to Hong Kong to check out the New Year festivities. It was super crowded and for the very time in my life I actually felt Peter’s pain when he says he gets anxiety from crowded places. The struggle is real. They had a lot of food concession stands and when we walked out of the store, there was a dragon dance.  We then ended our day with Peter taking me to go see Fifty Shades of Grey at the Keller Moviehouse, he surprised me with these tickets like 3 weeks beforehand so I was super excited about it:) 5 Sunday, we took my mom and sister and all went to Hmart to do our grocery shopping. We also ate at the food court and decided to get too much food. I have this problem where I’m scared I’m not going to be full, so I order more than I can eat. Peter makes fun of me all the time.          This was an $11 dish and I got a HUGE lobster in it! 4     Peter’s spicy noodle dish! 3


              We ended our grocery trip with a Yogurtland visit because #duh who doesn’t love yogurt :) The Ho’s at Home

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.00.26 PM

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