Super Bowl weekend

All good things must come come to an end. The super bowl, the saddest of all weekend for my poor husband. To mark an end to the most dramatic season ever (Bachelor fans, you guys get it?;)), Peter and I made this weekend about him (me letting him watch football, ha!), football (not disturbing him), and food (letting him eat what his heart desires). Since I couldn’t partake in the excitement of watching football, I do what 50% of the population do what it comes to the super bowl… enjoy the food and the commercials:)

The Ho’s at Home


On Saturday morning, we took my sister Connie to downtown Dallas to scope out her new office building and the shortest route it would take to get there. After that, we stopped by this nearby bruch restaurant called CBD Provisions. Connie found this place through yelp because of it’s good reviews and surely it delivered. Their breakfast was delicious! The menu only had a limited of dishes but I think there was a reason behind this because every dish was done to perfection. Less is more. I would recommend everything that we had there including the the tripe dish (far left hand corner), croque madame (center, it was a bit salty but I think if you tell them to go easy on the cheese it would turned out fine) and green chilis pork migas (far right).

(null)   About to feast!

Sunday morning, we both slept in till 10 and then had a late breakfast. After breakfast, Peter offered to take me to Anthropologie to pick up my held item. Knowing me and retail stores, I couldn’t just go into the store and pick up my stuff but I also had to browse the sale sections. Word of advice to people who likes to go to the Southlake location…go during noon on Sundays. There’s barely anybody in there and you can browse to your heart content in that small confined of a jail space that Anthropologie likes to call the sales section. Since we were already in the area, we also decided to go over to Nordstrom Rack to look for some dress shirts for Peter. After 30 mins, we ended leaving with two shirts and a tie for him.  All for $35, thanks to some Nordstrom notes!

We ended going home after this because we didn’t want to miss the pre-game shows. So while we watched that, we also made some of these yummy treats.   What we made for Super Bowl Sunday!

I like to call this:   Asian Fusion

Literally.   IMG_3164

  Tripe and beef hearts, what can get better than this? I know I have some readers out there that is going to go “Ewwww” “what’s that?”, but I promise you…you can’t knock this till you try it. The first time I ever had it was at Dim Sum, and ever since then I’ve fallen in love with tripe!

  1 lb of tripe

  1 lb beef heart

5 spice marinade (10 oz) found at any Asian Supermarket

  1 cup of beef or chicken broth

  1 cup of sliced ginger

  8 garlic cloves, chopped

  Cook for 40 mins on high pressure

You can eat this as an appetizer or as a side dish with rice or bread. The possibility is endless.


You can call him Chef Ho! He’s the master chef in our household and I couldn’t be happier.

This is also our power pressure cooker, you can find it here on QVC. Peter loves this little gem because it cuts down on his cooking time ( A LOT). We can make rice in 10 mins and a full pot roast in 20 mins. This tripe dish usually has a cooking time of 2-3 hours, but this was done in 40 mins!


  We then cleaned it all out and made some low-cal chili con queso. Without sacrificing any of the flavors, we picked up all low-fat ingredients and the end result was still delicious!

2% milk Velveeta block

  8 oz low-fat cream cheese

  1/2 cup of 2% milk

  1 can of drained Ro-tel

  Cook for 8-10 mins on low pressure or put the setting on ‘slow cook’

IMG_3173   IMG_3174Voila! See? Asian Fusion! Tripe + Queso.

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