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Want some other ideas on where to grab these cute cardigans?

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1. Barefoot Dreams ‘Bamboo Chic’ Drape Front Cardigan: Nordstrom – This was definitely a splurge for me.  I found out about this cardigan from one of my favorite blogger who calls it a blardigan. According to her it’s a sweater that also functions as a blanket. haha! Well cue the violins and drumroll because it is the most COZIEST, SNUGGLY WARM, and SOFTIEST thing I’ve ever owned in my life. You can wear this to lounge around in the house as a robe (which I can’t bring myself to because of the price tag!) or wear it out. It washes very well too, I think the more  I wash it…the silkier it becomes. It’s a magical fabric that I will never understand. I remember wearing it for the first time in the car and Peter was caressing my arm telling me how soft and silky it was. I take Peter’s compliments very seriously, because he could care less about what I wear. Sooo…go to the Nordstrom site, don’t look at the price tag, close your eyes, and click buy. Maybe you have to eat ramen for a whole month but at least you can do it all snuggled up in this heavenly cardigan;)  P.S. After doing a lot of research, I found out that this was on one of Oprah’s favorite things. She gave it away during her Christmas show.

Moral of the story: Oprah doesn’t lie.

2. Sun & Shadow Drape Front Cardigan: Nordstrom– I found this cardigan sweater just browsing through the Nordie website. It was this past July and I was daydreaming about colder weather plus I wanted a heavy knitted sweater that wouldn’t fall apart after I’ve put it through the wash. I’m a devoted Urban Outfitters sweater girl, you can’t go wrong with their chunky sweater and cardigans. They’re high quality at a reasonable price but this year I wanted to try something different so I strayed and tried Nordstrom sweaters. Well, this Sun & Shadow sweater doesn’t disappoint! It’s incredibly thick and I have worn it out on many occasions! From jeans to dresses, it goes wonderful with everything.

3. Anthropologie Elise Blanket Cardigan: Anthropologie – I don’t own this sweater but looking through the Anthropologie website, this reminds me of the Sun & Shadow cardigan. Right now Anthropologie is having a 40% off all their sales items (code: extraextra), so if you like the colors they have…I would suggest snatching it up quickly before it is sold out. Anthropologie sale items usually sell out pretty quickly from my experience and since they’re trying to clear the rack for their spring items I don’t think this is going to last for long.

4. BDG Miko Cardigan Sweater: Urban Outfitters – I’ve mention this already but I will say it again, I love UO chunky sweaters! At $59, this is more of their reasonably priced items. They have some sweaters that goes into the $100 range (ain’t nobody got money for that). I usually try to stay within the $30-$60 range when picking out their sweaters because they’re all really good quality stuff. I remember buying one of their sweater in college and I still wear it till this day.192175_1645067535959_7908958_o Circa 2011 back in college in my UO sweaterIMG_3063 See? :)

5. BDG Slouchy Hooded Cardigan: Urban Outfitters – This is a thinner cardigan than the first four but I think this will look great as a transitional piece into the spring. You can pair it with a tank and some shorts or a cute dress. It is also on sale for $39! I don’t own this sweater but I am totally digging the ivory color for spring and summer.

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